WheelchairRapunzel & Co. is a small online shop based in Chicago, IL that was founded by disabled boss babe, advocate, creative, and Instagrammer Alex Dacy. Alex runs WR & Co. right from her studio apartment while she operates all aspects of the business including designing every piece in our shop. Each piece was designed specifically to empower each customer to culminate self-love & body positivity in style. Our first collection, Love Your Genes, was released in February of 2018. Love your genes was conceptualized on the basis of Alex having a genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Our genes make us who we are from our eye color to our personalities to our sexual orientation. That’s why it’s vital that we love our genes for making us beautiful on the inside & out. We later expanded to our most recent collection in early 2019 that has taken the world by storm, spanning from the United States to Australia. Our newest collection includes body positive, inclusive, and empowering statement pieces like our best selling disabledbodiesmatter pieces. Alex has a close relationship with her customers and runs an Instagram page for WheelchairRapunzel & Co. where you find many beautiful faces rocking our products.


Our shop is run with the fierce passion Alex has to make the world more inclusive... and lots of coffee, welcome to WheelchairRapunzel & Co.