New LYG Tee Design: striving for accessability

<3 Your Genes (Charcoal Gray)

Corner design featuring our Love your Genes logo, stacked, in a beautifully radiant gold script. 

  • Goes great with our matching black & gold beanies!

  • This is as perfect as perfect gets: it’s soft yet stretchy, a little longer than a standard tee and figure-flattering.

  • Item runs small. Consult size chart below.

After receiving amazing feedback and Alex being constantly inspired to create new designs & grow our movement, we are happy to release our new Charcoal Gray Woman’s Tees. These tees feature a heart + “your genes” in a gold script in the corner of the shirt. These tees are the definition of simple/classy. Alex also created this design based on the popularity of our black/gold beanies. These tees match our beanies PERFECTLY. Gold symbolizes strength and beauty, which compliments our movement in such an exuberant & rich way.

Quality matters

There’s always the issue of not being able to see the products in person when it comes to online shopping. How do you know you’re purchasing a quality product? We strive to highlight our products in several different sizes and get the best pictures we can, showing off our LYG fam wearing their gear. We also try to share our LYG wearer’s testimonials on our products which can be found on our LYG Movement Page. The quality of our merchandise is just as important to us as our message/movement. Our products are not just a piece of merchandise you buy on a whim. They’re an investment — an investment in some one of the most important messages of all. An investment in social equality, self-love, acceptance, and inclusion of every human being. Be comfortable in your Genes. 

Striving For Accessibility

A very important priority we look at when creating new designs/merchandise is to keep our designs as accessible as we can for our LYG fam. Many of our customers have various disabilities and wear chest-straps or are seated, so we want to make sure our designs suit their needs. For this reason, we are creating merchandise with our logo towards the top of shirts, so they can be seen even if you wear a chest-strap. Alex struggles with this when buying products, so we relate to this struggle with logo tees! We also welcome any and ALL feedback. Write a review & rate us on our Facebook page if you are enjoying your LYG gear! Hope you enjoy our new design! 

Much love, 

WR 💛

Alex DzimitowiczComment