LYG At Kansas City Fashion Week

For those of you who know me personally, you know I’ve had quite a rough week. But, seeing these beautiful models wearing me and Abbi's bracelets & loving their genes made my hard week an ancient memory.

This past week was Kansas City Fashion Week where local, national, and international designers show off their collections during runway shows. I had the opportunity to connect with Tobie, who is a very talented designer. She created an inclusive bridal line collection called “Breathe.” This collection features couture made to measure dresses for disabled women focusing on making them feel sexy and showing others that we are sexy. Tobie had 10 models priemere her collection yesterday, as these beautiful ladies strutted their sexy selves down the runway. With a giant grin, I got to watch this happen on the KCFW Instagram page that I was shamelessly checking every 5 minutes. I also got to watch Tobie speak a little about LYG as she gifted 10 of me & Abbi’s bracelets to her models. 

Even though I wasn’t there, I feel so honored to have been a tiny part of this amazing event & to have these beautiful, strong woman wearing rocking their genes in their LYG bracelets. 

Here are photos from the event & some of Tobie’s models showcasing her “Breathe” collection.

Click here to check out Tobie's designs. (She does custom designs!)

Alex DzimitowiczComment