Love Your Genes Takes On The World: Embracing Diversity

Yesterday marked the 2 month anniversary of Love Your Genes. "Time flies" has taken on a whole new meaning for me..

I’m so humbled by all the support I’ve been getting from family, friends, and everyone else who has reached out or have been a part of LYG in any way. Within these two months, Love Your Genes has grown immensely and is evolving into something more beautiful then I could have ever dreamed. What started out as an idea is growing into such an important movement to perpetuate love & acceptance of everyone.

After chatting with many people, I’ve come to learn that Love Your Genes is much bigger then what I had anticipated or had in mind when creating it. I started Love Your Genes on the basis of my disability and genetic diseases. However, I’m coming to find Love Your Genes resonates with more then just the disability community: the LGBTQ community, ethnic communities, mental health advocates/communities, religion, gender, race, and so many more beautifully diverse groups.

Love Your Genes is about accepting diversity as something that’s beautiful & embraced.

It’s so crazy to think that this is just the beginning. Watching Love Your Genes grow & have such a positive effect on so many people is the most amazing feeling I’ve felt in my entire life. I’ve seen so much confidence exuded by people who have joined the LYG Movement.. which is something everyone should be able to do, and seeing it happen is beautiful.

I could not have embarked on this journey without all the love & support you’ve given me. 

There’s officially over 130 pieces of Love Your Genes gear currently circling the country!

The other day someone asked me if I’ve seen anyone on the street wearing any of my LYG gear.. & I have not! But, I hope I will very soon. I wish for LYG to keep growing and to continue to build a community of love and diversity.

Thank you for being a part of the movement and going on this crazy ride with me (pun intended)!

Cheers to social equality & embracing yourself & other’s beautiful differences that were made possible by genes 💛