Love Your Genes April Recap

April was an exciting month for Love Your Genes! Let’s take a look.

April 1: We announced our Love is a Spectrum Campaign which we created to celebrate Autism Awareness Month with our LYG Autism Gear. We posted an interview we did with Kate, who is a new mother to a child with Autism. She shares her experiences with getting Jame’s diagnosis and lights up talking abut his affinity for car washes.

April was a month of redefinition for Love Your Genes. After speaking with many people who have been effected by Love Your Genes, we broadened our mission to be even more inclusive. Love Your Genes Takes On The World: Embracing Diversity: “After chatting with many people, I’ve come to learn that Love Your Genes is much bigger then what I had anticipated or had in mind when creating it. I started Love Your Genes on the basis of my disability and genetic diseases. However, I’m coming to find Love Your Genes resonates with more then just the disability community, but also the LGBTQ community, ethnic communities, mental health advocates/communities, religion, gender, race, and so many more beautifully diverse groups. Love Your Genes is about accepting diversity as something that’s beautiful & embraced.”

We get our second group order! Meehan Orthodontic’s office was spreading their love for Autism Awareness Month once a week for the month of April in our LYG Autism Tees!

Alex was asked to be a guest interviewee on SMA News Today where she talked about Love Your Genes, how it was developed, and how it’s evolving. You can listen to the podcast here!

Love Your Genes reaches the United Kingdom / beauty blogger and influencer Tess Daly. We had one of our LYG bracelets engraved with her name & sent to her. Tess also has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, like Alex, but that’s the last thing that will resonate with you after being dazzled with her witty cantor or killer makeup looks. You can checkout her Instagram for more amazing looks!


To wrap up April, Alex is going to be in the Fashion Without Boundaries Runway Show in June and was asked if we could host our VERY FIRST WheelchairRapunzel & Co. booth at this amazing event! If you'd like to attend to support Alex in her first runway show and the first WheelchairRapunzel  & Co. booth, you can get tickets here!

Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the LYG Movement <3 We look forward to seeing more beautiful faces joining the movement!