Special Books By Special Kids YouTube Comments Disabled: Social Media Censorship Bias Epidemic

When I saw Chris’s Story, I couldn’t help but want to do my part in helping bring awareness to what’s happening with his platform. Let me give you come context to chew on, first.

I started watching Chris Ulmer way back when he did amateur videos in his special education classroom. Video after video would pop up in my feed and I watched every single one. With his gentle candor and passion, he would do different exercises with his students that had issues communicating, learning, and engaging. Many times he would have a guitar strung over his shoulder while these children who had difficulty communicating happily engaged in his exercises. I immediately knew this guy was special (and hot af). His videos started catching on as he used his platform to spread disability awareness to facilitate understanding and friendships amongst disabled and non-disabled people.

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Because his platform was growing, he decided to start traveling the world with his girlfriend and interviewing people with a diagnosis. He created a YouTube channel and non profit called SBSK: Special Books By Special Kids. City by city Chris and his girlfriend travel to share the stories of children and adults with disabilities that are eye-opening, educational, and heart-warming. Chris is the voice of perspective amongst the disabled community by facilitating awareness on his platform and it’s making the world a better place.

Their YouTube platform has grown to it’s current 1.2 million subscribers and their videos get millions of views.

We need channels and missions like theirs. They’ve dedicated their life to helping us disabled folk have a voice, and we need your help.

Yesterday, I teared up as I watched a recent video Chris and his girlfriend published pleading for our help. YouTube has selectively decided to disable certain channels’ comments in efforts to protect minors using this platform. SBSK was one of them despite their comments section being flooded with educational dialogue and positivity that is pertinent to their mission. YouTube selecting a channel that is based on showing live visuals and stories of disability to have their comments disabled because they are at a “high risk” for predatory comments is an example of a new social media epidemic I’ve personally experienced: social media censorship bias.

When my Kim K remake photo was taken down by Instagram, I was upset. But, I tossed a censored version up to fight back. This isn’t the case with SBSK. YouTube has full autonomy over their channel and it’s not acceptable. In a very emotional video posted yesterday on their channel Chris and his girlfriend are in tears when Chris explains that a person he interviewed mom would pop on their channel to see all the comments of love and acceptance in response to her son who had passed away since the interview.

Social media, STOP CENSORING DISABILITY. You’re transcending a message that disability is something to hide, fear, and not be represented with dignity on social media.

Help us fight back against social media censorship bias by signing Chris and Alyssa’s petition to get their comments back. Share this article. Blow this up. Chris gives us autonomy, let’s get back his.

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