10 reasons why you should date a disabled babe

10 reasons why you should date a disabled babe

 Date me, I’m bored.

1. We are people

Society has strategically placed a 10 foot treacherous trench between disability and dating.  Within this trench of misconception riddled waters is disability stigmas such as: disabled people being invalid, homebodies that are innocent. This dehumanizing view of disability screws us in the dating department. We’re people that have hobbies, talents, bad disability jokes, and love to share.



2. We are resourceful

Maybe I can’t rub your feet (or can I) and do the dishes, but I damn well can find a way for someone to help me facilitate those things. I feel as though disabled people compensate (pretty damn impressively) for not being able to do physical tasks with our ability to problem-solve and use our brains. Because we have to live our lives somewhat differently, we’re as resourceful as Google (okay, I might be overselling). I’ve helped guys of interest with things such as organizing, making doc appointments, helping write something, etc. Having a resourceful partner of any ability is a huge plus, in my book.


3. We are intellectually intimate

Making a physical “move” can be hard. When I’ve slammed about 5 Vegas bombs at the club I usually find the first guy that looks as close to Channing Tatum as I can find & ask them to make out with me. When I have less liquid courage, I use my intelligence to get intimate. If you’re a millennial I’m sure you’ve seen John Tucker Must Die, “You mean you like got intimate without like actually getting intimate?” Us disableds are BOMB at this. Physical intimacy is important but an intimate conversation is just as satisfying and relevant in a relationship.


4. We are hot

The end. Eye candy is great, but have you ever tried soul food? Best damn dish I’ve ever tried.


5. We have sex lives

Because we forget number #1, that we are people, this one goes hand in hand. People have sex and disabled people are people. I feel like a lot of times guys need to confirm that I can have sex before they want to engage with me any further. This has happened to me on more occasions than I can count which means the thought that disabled people can’t and don’t have sex is very much prevalent. I’m here to tell you that we can, because... why couldn’t we?


6. We are independent

If you were born with your disability like I was, you know that learning to be independent is something vital to our mental health and success. Because we aren’t as physically able, we are masters at finding out how to do things. I’ve dropped my phone before and figured out I can pick it up with a back scratcher. It’s tedious work, but we get the job done. Disabled people are independent because of our innate problem-solving skills, which is dateable af, obvi?


7. Caregiving adds intimacy

If you’re interesting in dating someone with a disability that needs caregiving, don’t let that be a deal breaker. I’ve found caregiving adds a level of intimacy, connection, and communication that regular able-bodied relationships don’t have. You are both vulnerable and get to learn more about each other in an intimate way. This intimacy can add a huge firework-sized spark in your relationship that you couldn’t get with an able-bodied partner.


8. You get to cut lines

Wheelchair perks are very real. I like them because they seem to level the playing field between ableism and ... ableism. Need to use the bathroom, come with me and the long ass line will disperse for my disabled booty faster than I disperse my paycheck on sushi for the week.


9. Parents love us

I’m not sure if it’s the subtle angelic disability charm baby boomers think all disabled people have or ... yeah no, it’s most certainly that, that makes us a parent’s wet dream. Surely their little Timmy can’t be getting into too much trouble with us.. LOL


10. You’ll never be bored

When you date someone with a disability you might be brought to a sudden realization of the disability stigmas that exist once you go out in public with us. From random people praying to us, to the free drinks, to the meeting of celebrities, we’ll keep you on your toes.

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