5 Disabled LGBTQ Instagram Influencers To Follow ASAP

In case you live under a rock and were unaware, it’s Pride Month!

I wanted to take a minute to remind people of our LGBTQ+ babes that are disabled as we celebrate Pride Month. Here are some of my favorite disabled LGBTQ+ Instagram influencers who all work to advocate for not only the disability community but disabled people in the LGBTQ+ community.. and if that wasn’t enough, they’re all gorgeous inside and out.

1. Ruby Allegra

Ruby is a non-binary babe whose pronoun is they/them. Their disability advocacy posts are nothing short of FIRE, as they singlehandedly shed light on intersectional injustices of disabled POC, disabled body positivity + sex, and disability & LGBTQ+ marginalization. Ruby is an artist that creates many things such as drawings, writings, t-shirts — not to mention their makeup skills are off the damn charts. Check out their makeup / fashion looks and learn a little something about intersectional advocacy by following their bomb page.

2. Aaron philip

Aaron Philip is a huge force in the modeling industry right now, bringing awareness to disabled trans POC. She has modeled for notable names and is making huge waves in the modeling industry for the disabled trans community. She’s a baddie, no doubt. Follow her fierce looks and watch as she perpetuate change in the modeling industry to be more inclusive and represent disability. She’s everything, though.

3. The Feeding of the Fox

Imogen is a “queer disabled femme” that shares posts that are sure to teach you something about anti-diet culture and body compassion. Imogen also openly shares about living with a disability and the marginalization disabled bodies experience with eloquently written posts. Her posts are amazing and the advocacy work she’s doing should not go unnoticed. Follow and learn!

4. The Disabled Hippie

Julian is a trans disability advocate that shares his life with being a disabled trans activist alongside his adorable service dog, Atlas. He shares about transphobia, disability, being LGBTQ+ in the healthcare system, and more. He’s a life coach, so if you’re looking for some guidance from an individual who has a lot of life experience, look no further.

5. Carson Tueller

I just stumbled across Carson a few weeks ago and I’m so happy I did. Carson has a spinal chord injury and shares his experiences of adjusting to life as a wheelchair user. Carson is from a Mormon family and ultimately had to leave the church, which he opens up about in a recent documentary he was involved in for Pride. He and his boyfriend Ryan just moved to NYC where Carson is continuing his education. His posts are thought-provoking, authentic, and powerful. He’s a must follow!