3 Reasons Why Ranch Is Better Than Boys

3 reasons why Ranch is Better Than Boys

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Ranch lovers of the world unite. If you’re in a rocky relationship or you just got out of one — all you need to know is that ranch will always be there to comfort you.

1.  It never leaves

It’s no secret that men and ranch share one thing in common: they’re both deliciously satisfying. However, something they do not have in common is that ranch will never leave you. It’s unwavering unconditional love in all of it’s creamy deliciousness can always be found sitting perfectly in your fridge, right next to your leftover pizza — ready to be have you dip that pizza in all of it’s glory. It’ll always be found right where you put it. There will be zero fear of finding it cheating you on you in another person’s fridge. Can you say the same about a boy? I didn’t think so.

2. It’s consistent

Relationships with boys are fleeting. their feelings change, their personalities change, and they act different upon those changes. Ranch never changes. That creamy, delicious flavor will ALWAYS remain the same — no surprises. A boy can never hold a candle to the consistency that ranch provides you. It’ll always taste, smell, and give you the same satisfaction every time you’re together. Oh no.. you ran out? It can be replaced easily by hopping over to the store and buying some more. This time, be sure to stock up. Boys, step aside. I need my ranch. 

3. It’ll never break your heart

Loves keen sting is usually followed by inevitable heart break. Call me a pessimist, but am I wrong? Whether feelings fade, your man is a filthy cheater, or whatever else ends relationships — guess who will be there to comfort you? Yes, you guessed correct. That little bottle of white sauce that never leaves and that will mend you heart back together one delicious dip at a time, instead of breaking it.

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