Wheelchair Rapunzel Poses in Lingerie to Fight Against Instagram Unfairly Deleting Her Photos

I posted the below caption earlier today on my social media platforms. My photos have been continuously deleted although they do not violate Instagram’s terms and people are starting to become enraged by the obvious discrimination on social media. Help us fight this <3

Full disclosure Instagram/Facebook: I’m over 18. I’m 25. Read this before you delete my post.


When I stumbled across the body positive movement it wasn’t a revelation, it wasn’t an eye opening experience.. it was necessary.

Across society, we are taught that you need a “perfect body.” To achieve this, people put their mental and physical health through hell — they try millions of diets, starve themselves, and tell themselves they won’t be happy unless their body meets the standards of a perfectly sculpted doll. One might refer to Barbie, whose original dolls came with a scale preset to some obnoxiously unrealistic number that was sold to millions of little girls.

Somewhere along the lines, a very wise person decided that society should not dictate our relationship with our bodies. They decided that beauty has no one definition — that beauty and body types aren’t a mathematical equation one can reach with absolute certainty. This was the birth of the body positive movement.

As this movement towards self-love, recovery, and growth towards our bodies unfolded, people started joining in. All types of people who were realizing how our bodies are beautiful the way they are — including disabled people.

My body positive experience is much different than most. I never starved myself, I never dieted, I never overworked myself at the gym— because I couldn’t. People never look at me and think, “Wow, if she just did more physical therapy she could look a whole lot less disabled.” There was zero hope for me and therefore my body was unaccepted and even pitied. My disability restricted me from attempting to alter my body to meet any sort of beauty standard, which I resented then but I’m now thankful for.

So now what?

Being the realist that I am — I knew from a young age there was not much I could do. I’ll always have a crooked, protruded, dislocated, curvy, and disabled body. This meant that I could never even try and grasp for that perfect beauty standard via exercise or dieting. The body everyone strives for isn’t anywhere close to my reach. It’s not even on a different planet, it’s in a different galaxy — where disabled bodies could become non-disabled via some magic fairy dust.

This fact — that I was inevitably stuck in my disabled body — loomed over my head every time I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw skinny girls in bikinis and the male attention they got that I’d never have. At least I could eat cake & not feel guilty, right?! Yes, but that didn’t help my evolving body image issues that I never dare spoke about with anyone.

Then one day the cloud gates opened and some sunshine peaked through in the form of disabled body positivity. I believe it was ruby Allegra who popped across my feed in their disabled body, nude, along with an empowering caption that boggled my mind. Across all the subjects I explore and advocacy I do, body positivity is what I’m most passionate about. It has changed my life.

It scared the hell out of me to think my body could be celebrated or seen as sexy. It went against everything that society has taught me. But, it also made me excited as hell. There was hope for this disabled body, after all.

Over time, I learned that I could give myself permission to accept my body which gave other people permission to accept my body. That’s where my body positive advocacy began. Disabled bodies are amongst the most marginalized and underrepresented body type in the media which is a main reason why we don’t accept disabled bodies as beautiful. If we can only see one type of beauty, how very blind we are. Let’s open up our hearts, minds, and eyes so we can live our lives without the pain that comes along with trying to fit into one, very tiny box.

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