Trump calls it a government policy — I call it stripping away my civil rights

Every single day disabled people struggle for autonomy — the right to make decisions for ourselves. We fight to live independent and healthy lives. For thousands — these simple human rights are contingent on government and state services. 

The Trump Administration announced that they are trying to enact a policy in which disabled people will be monitored on social media platforms so they can look out for government services “fraud.” Targeting a minority group and stripping away their human right to have privacy is the current day fascism (in my opinion). We fight for these government services that provide us with personal care, medication, & necessary medical equipment — things we could not live without. Besides this new policy — these services have been in jeopardy more than ever since Trump became president.

If we lose these services in any way, lots of disabled people WILL die. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. People don’t understand how important these services are.. like the able-bodied people who make decisions about these very services. It’s scary to think they can strip away thousands of people’s autonomy on a subject matter that aren’t well-versed in. Sure, they know the policies of Medicaid and the spendature. But, do they even know a disabled person? Have they ever been disabled? Have they read any disability related literature? No. Because if they gave one single tiny shit about the disability community, we wouldn’t need to have this conversation.

It’s unfair to have to explain to a government agency how disabled you are and have them counter your explanation with skepticism. One should never be made to feel like they aren’t “disabled enough” which unfortunately happens every day and is being further perpetuated by the government. 

It’s unfair that society looks at disability as a afterthought — like us living isn’t as important as other groups. We fight every single day to be seen, to have autonomy over our lives, and to live. The government is instrumental in letting us do those things that everyone should have a right to do.

Recap: The Trump Administration is TARGETING a minority group by MONITORING our social media to LOOK for fraud by INVADING our PRIVACY. They call it a government policy — I call it stripping away my civil fucking rights.