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Cure the #1 Genetic Killer of Infants by Loving Your Genes

I realize it’s counterintuitive to “love your genes” when those very genes are considered to be a defect. They gave you a disease like SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) that causes you to struggle to live a normal life. 

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Love Your Genes on The Set of Disabilities Redefined in New York

One day I saw an LYG order from New York, New York roll in from a man named Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. My first thought was, wow this guys has a cool name. My second thought was that I was so excited to have LYG heading to the big city. At this point, I didn’t know much about who Truett was. Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. and I connected on Instagram, as he’s also a disability advocate. Truett hosts a show called Disabilities Redefined which is a series featuring people with disabilities & how they redefine what it means to live life with a disability. I was so excited to have connected with him & to learn about his show.

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