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9 things everyone needs to know about disabled bodies

1. Are sexy

This needs no further context. It’s just a fact. All bodies are different and that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful despite society worshiping iconic things with unrealistic bodies such as Barbie & Victoria’s Secret Angels. Barbie did finally catch up with society and has recently released the first ever disabled Barbie collection, thank god.

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Cure the #1 Genetic Killer of Infants by Loving Your Genes

I realize it’s counterintuitive to “love your genes” when those very genes are considered to be a defect. They gave you a disease like SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) that causes you to struggle to live a normal life. 

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5 Ways to End Disability Stigma

There’s no question that disability stigma is very prevalent in society. Whether it’s someone seeing you as inspiration porn or giving you unwarranted pity (let’s get real, when is pity ever warranted), here are 5 ways to stop disability stigma in its tracks.

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Love Your Genes on The Set of Disabilities Redefined in New York

One day I saw an LYG order from New York, New York roll in from a man named Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. My first thought was, wow this guys has a cool name. My second thought was that I was so excited to have LYG heading to the big city. At this point, I didn’t know much about who Truett was. Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. and I connected on Instagram, as he’s also a disability advocate. Truett hosts a show called Disabilities Redefined which is a series featuring people with disabilities & how they redefine what it means to live life with a disability. I was so excited to have connected with him & to learn about his show.

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