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Can we please retire calling disabled people inspirational just for living?

Calling disabled people inspirational for sipping their morning coffee at a Starbucks while checking out that hottie with the body (something I enjoy doing) is shit & further stigmatizes our community. We’re much more capable than doing things everyone else does. We’re WORTHY of inspiration because of our TALENTS and our unique outlook on the world, not because we live.

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Love Your Genes on The Set of Disabilities Redefined in New York

One day I saw an LYG order from New York, New York roll in from a man named Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. My first thought was, wow this guys has a cool name. My second thought was that I was so excited to have LYG heading to the big city. At this point, I didn’t know much about who Truett was. Dr. Truett Vaigneur Jr. and I connected on Instagram, as he’s also a disability advocate. Truett hosts a show called Disabilities Redefined which is a series featuring people with disabilities & how they redefine what it means to live life with a disability. I was so excited to have connected with him & to learn about his show.

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