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About "Love Your Genes"

I developed love your genes one afternoon after some deep thinking about how I can create something that’s meaningful to me, and other people. I have a rare genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which is a progressive neuromuscular disease that causes loss of strength/muscle. I hardly ever google SMA because the first thing you’ll see is: “#1 genetic killer of infants.” SMA is one of thousands of genetic disorders that people are effected by. I then began to choose to look at what is considered a “genetic flaw” in a different way. Whether it’s having blue eyes, SMA, Down’s syndrome, etc., ALL of us are effected by our own unique genetic makeup, making each of us our own thumbprint. Genes are what you pass on through generations, flawed or not, making all of us so amazingly unique. That’s why no matter what “walk of life” you come from, choose to



We are not your average online shop. Our mission is to spread awareness & acceptance of everyone despite a “genetic flaw” or genetic difference. We also want to send out a very important message to the world: everyone is beautiful & capable of being stylish, disability or not. Through our beanies & T-shirts, we hope to keep perpetuating this important message & transcend it by the beautiful people that wear our Love your Genes swag. Our movement is in its infancy stage, and seeing it grow is such an amazing feeling. Be a part of the movement today! 

Perpetuating the fact that anyone with or without a disability can be stylish, creative, independent, and beautiful.