“I've debated for awhile whether to buy a Love Your Genes shirt from @wheelchairrapunzel.co or not because I don't really love my genes. I hate being disabled. I hate Friedreichs Ataxia. Hate hate hate. But I'm trying to focus on things I like about myself. I like encouraging and lifting up others. I like making people laugh. I like being a role model for kids especially kids with disabilities. I like being someone others can trust, can lean on. I love being creative and telling stories. I love making people happy.” -Frances

“There are some things we can change about ourselves and some things we can’t. Some things we were just born with. How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror and think negative thoughts? Like ‘I’m too tall, I’m too short, my hips are too wide, my eyes are an ugly color, I’m ugly, I’m too fat, I’m too scrawny, I wish my butt was bigger, the list goes on and on.....What if instead of tearing yourself apart for things you can’t change you EMBRACE them. Stop comparing yourself to others and wishing you looked like them. If you did, you wouldn’t be YOU! You are the way you are for a reason because you are unique. There is no one else like youI used to never walk out of my house without makeup on because I thought I was so ugly but why? Looks aren’t everything! So now I barely ever wear makeup unless it’s for a nice occasion and guess what I don’t think that I’m the most hideous human to ever walk planet earth 🌏 do I still have days I’m insecure? Hell yes but I don’t look in the mirror everyday and think that. Thanks to my friend @melina.bonomo I was introduced to @wheelchair_rapunzel who started love your genes. Seriously you guys STOP beating yourself up for things you can’t change and realize it was makes you YOU” - Emily


“The #loveyourgenes movement was started by a very intelligent, witty, and beautiful friend of mine. Someone who has opened the eyes of many, reduced stigmas, increased advocacy for all, increased self-determination, increased self-love, taught people to see past the physical being, and most importantly she’s reminded many people to embrace yourself- your entire self. @wheelchair_rapunzel I am so incredibly proud to call you a friend. You’ve always been one to go all out and do things BIG- I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the LYG movement. 💜” - Melina



“Crazy hair. Collar bones. Curved neck. Y’all, love your genes. Wear your DNA loud and proud. My disability is not a shortcoming or a flaw. It’s my reality, and I can’t and wouldn’t want to imagine my life without it.” -Heather

“I've spent almost half of my life surrounded by people with disabilities, so when I saw this shirt @wheelchair_rapunzel was selling for autism awareness I HAD to get one. Loving our genes is something we all struggle with. When I went to post this picture, I spent 5 minutes pointing out all my flaws in it. How ironic that as I'm wearing a love your genes shirt, I'm hating on my own. I love everything this movement stands for. LOVE YOUR GENES. You are AMAZING. Not because that boy says you are. Not because your job gave you a promotion. Not because you have a rocking body. You are amazing because you are you. If you haven't checked out @wheelchair_rapunzel, GO CHECK OUT HER PAGE. She is inspiring and incredible and everything this generation needs.” - Stacey


“Empowerment comes about after years of suppression and when you are no longer afraid to shine. Tonight and onward, I will be reppin’ this beanie that says “Love your Genes” that was created by my girl @wheelchair_rapunzel. It’s a MOVEMENT to raise awareness and to highlight the biggest bosses in the game of those who have disabilities. This product will serve as a reminder to me to LOVE who I am in the midst of my daily struggles, and to not hold any animosity towards my past. The devil thought he HAD ME. But I REBUKE him, got money, and I’ma still a BADDIE *Nicki Minaj voice*#LoveyourGenes #LYGmovement” -Marina  


“Love Your Genes is a movement that was started by my very own best friend Alex, @wheelchair_rapunzel . I absolutely love the message being sent by this movement. It’s a message I’ve been spreading for years and now I have a beanie to do all the talking for me! It is so important to love yourself and be proud of everything in you. Imperfections and all. No one else in this world will be able to replace the person you are, genes and all. Why dwell on the things we can’t change about ourselves? Instead, embrace and love those aspects of you. “Embrace your rarity. Be different. Do it in style. Love your Genes.” If you want a beanie or T-Shirt to join this beautiful movement, visit the link in the bio of @wheelchairrapunzel.co #loveyourgenes #projectwearyourgenes 💕💕” -Sawsan


“I came home from work today to this lovely shirt that I love oh so much! I feel like Love Your Genes is a brand that will work for everybody & that's why I'm so happy to be supporting & cheering people on for their differences. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I'm a outcast. Like I'm always the last resort just because of my appearance of being in a wheelchair. Well, let me tell you something...... we are all different & unique in our own way & that's what is going to create a difference & change in this world. We are all in this together. If you want a shirt like mine or a beanie, check out @wheelchairrapunzel.co & click on the link in their bio. I love supporting a brand that spreads continuous positivity & love. ❤️💕” - Ashley


“Got my #LoveYourGenes beanie today and I am ecstatic! I absolutely love that it is a scientific nerdy way of raising awareness for genetic diseases. It’s taken me a while to accept that I am different in more ways than one, hell-I still am trying to wrap my head around it, but I love how this puts it out there in a fun and noninvasive way. I absolutely love beanies, maybe one day @jaredpadalecki will stumble upon your website and sport one himself! 😏” - Desiree


""LOVE YOUR GENES" 👊🏼 We are all unique in our own special genetic makeup. I have grown to love @wheelchair_rapunzel and her amazing outreach @wheelchairrapunzel.co in order to raise awareness for people with disabilities, in particular, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which is a progressive neuromuscular disease that causes loss of strength/muscle. Every day someone is battling a physical ailment, a disability or an illness that shouldn't be frowned upon or treated as "different".This young girl has moved me in more ways than one with her positive outlook on life, and I will stand with her and support her cause. #loveyourgenes #LYG#lygmovement #sma #disability #disabilityawareness" -Mari


“Love your genes 💞 
well I certainly got wear out of this today💨 Now I don’t necessarily have a physical disability, but #loveyourgenes goes even beyond that. It’s about loving what you were given and the fact that you have a body at all and that you are here in this world 🌍 There are days I feel insecure about myself or criticize myself, just like many others, but in reality it’s a blessing that I’m even alive. Every person is truly unique. There are zero copies of you, therefore making your body, your mind, your genetic makeup absolutely special to yourself. So if you are special, how could you ever be imperfect? You’re not. You are perfectly you. I’m grateful to have a friend like @wheelchair_rapunzel to have thought of this brilliant idea and cute design for this beanie! (Also, she’s a huge inspiration to me) She knows what’s up 💞 I’m blessed to have a body, a mind, and even greater: a heart that can love ❤️ #lygmovement” -Shea


“Recently, a fellow SMA friend started a new brand called, “Love Your Genes.” As you [should] know, SMA is a progressive genetic disease that affects the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. It can be an infuriating disease to have but as I have recently stated, this disease has given me powerful values. It has shown me how to love and advocate for myself, it has given me a crazy amount of drive, AND I look good while doing it. That is why I’m happy to love my genes 💪🏼♿️” -Rhena


"Self confidence and body image are two things I have struggled with throughout my entire life. It took until I was in my 20s for me to finally start loving myself and to have the confidence in myself to pursue all of my passions. This is why Love Your Genes has really resonated with me.

My friend, Alex Dacy aka WheelchairRapunzel & Co., started the Love Your Genes movement , and her mission is to spread awareness & acceptance of everyone despite a genetic flaw or difference. Each and every one of us are beautiful in our own unique ways, and it is so important to be accepting of others regardless of your differences. And remember kindness is always the answer!" -Emily


“Yesterday I received my “Love Your Genes” bracelet, which is a movement that @wheelchair_rapunzel has started. She wants everyone who has a rare disease to feel beautiful and accepted in their own skin. I have a problem with that and always have. Instead of loving my rare genes, I hate them. They make me feel less beautiful, but I know without them I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I do like who I am on the inside. I’m learning to #lovemygenes and that’s okay. #loveyourgenes” Christina has fibrous dysphasia which effects 1 in 30,000. So happy you’re a part of the LYG Fam, beautiful 💗" -Christina