One of the most common questions I get is how I grew my social media platform so fast. In a year I have grown my account to have almost 13k followers with pretty decent engagement. I’ve tapped into an uncanny marketing ability I never knew I had and want to share the wealth. I’ve had over a year of experience alongside doing research on how to grow a social media following. One thing I learned is that it can be tedious process. Because of my account growth, I was able to start my online shop and turn it into a living and be noticed by companies who I have done paid gigs for.

I’m accepting new clients who are interesting in building their personal or business social media platforms on Instagram! I’m currently starting with a few packages to allow me access to your account so I can help it grow into the true baddie account it can be.

I’ve already had several inquiries and only have enough time to do a few clients at time - spots are limited.

The biggest benefit to growing your platform is opportunities. Opportunities to boost sales, become an influencer, get brand deals, or to be seen.

50$ for 3 hours:

Curating a post- captioning / editing / hash tagging your photo

Posting on your story

Using strategic tools to boost engagement

Using strategic tools to boost followers

• This package is recommended. The more time I have to boost engagement, the more your account will grow. 

20$ for 1 hour:

Curating a post- captioning / editing / hash-tagging your photo

Posting on your story

Any left over time will be spent using strategic strategies to boost followers / engagement 

Add ons/other options:

+5$ to edit your bio

+5$ to make highlight reels of your choice

+20$ for a one hour phone conversation on recommendations / tools I suggest to keep your platform growth up

To utilize these packages I will need access to your username & password. If you want me to make a post I’ll need a quality picture you want me to use. On Instagram- quality photos are key. This is a collaborative process!

Other options

Post package 20$

If you don’t want to hand over your username and password, I can curate a post for you by you sending me a photo. I will edit the photo, type the caption & send you hashtags for you to post on your own.

Spots are filling quickly. If you’re interested please contact us with what package you want, a photo, the vision / goal of growing your platform, and username / password (if applicable).

At this time I will not be refunding any orders on social media engagement packages.